August 2008

With the rise in the cost of gas and the pressure the American people are feeling in that sensitive spot: our wallets, are you aware of what you are actually doing as a result of this pressure and how it’s affecting the world around you? You will be surprised to see yourselves in this mirror. Here are some facts and figures concerning gas, the cost of gas and the effect it has on our society:

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I found this information in an article on Natural News. I realize it might be old news to the people of California but it is equally important to all of us because it shows the negative power of the Federal Government and it’s agencies and how this power affects us all. California wasn’t the only one defeated in this measure, there were 12 other states involved in the petition that the EPA rejected. Here’s the whole story: … Read More..

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There have always been dos and donts when it comes to saving gas. I can remember way back when I was a kid, driving around in a beater and living off of $3 an hour mini um wage, that I was trying to figure out ways to save gas and the expense of car repairs. On the car repair thing, I actually took courses in small engine and large engine repair at the local community college and spent many Saturdays putting in carburetors and yanking out spark plugs. Now, many years later, I no longer drive or maintain a car and use public transportation for the most part. But I do realize that people are even more concerned these days about the cost of gasoline and car maintenance. And I also realize that a lot of what has been passed around as fact for generations is now outdated and useless. Cars today are not what they were when I drove my old beaters around, the engine compartments are cleaner and more contained, engines run on computer chips. So I thought that instead of just passing along more tips for saving gas (although I will continue to do that forever, as long I continue to find them) but today I would address some of the old beliefs which are now nothing but myths. Read More…

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I found this item on Natural News and since it is a subject I have been gravely concerned about, I thought I might share it. The bees have been dieing, it seems. I saw a documentary on TV about this, all these beekeepers were really upset and there was much speculation about the cause of their losses. They were showing entire hives that had just melted down. It upset me greatly because I LOVE bees. I often visit them in their pollinating frenzies around local Budlejia stands and around the flowering herbs in my garden. I love to watch their gorgeous little yellow and black bodies at work, their little hands working like crazy, their little antenna twitching. They look like little velvet aliens. Really wonderful.

So the idea of world without Bees was really ugly for me. Locally, there was much speculation that it was global warming. Then they began to believe that this was “colony collapse disorder” a new word for an actual mystery, I believe. So there was little to go on and a lot of misery to follow. Also when I hear that the tiny creatures of our planet are dieing and disappearing, I fear for the entire infrastructure. As much as humans seem to hate bugs, they are the foundation of our world. Without them, the planet would likely die and we would follow along. So I was interested in passing this item along and wanted to rewrite it to fit my blog. But there are so many references, so much scientific data, that I thought I could not rewrite it with authenticity and decided to pass it along in it’s original published form. Read More…

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I got this information from the Associated Press.

It’s just one out of 220,000 US Postal Service vehicles, but the hydrogen-powered fuel-cell car now being used in Irvine, California, represents the agency’s quest to reduce its petroleum appetite.

The USPS station in Irvine, California is the first in the US to test drive a Chevrolet Equinox (a hydrogen powered fuel cell car). This is done as part of General Motors’ Project Driveway, which puts more than 100 fuel-cell vehicles in the hands of average drivers as part of a large-scale market test.

They are going to start testing on the east coast next. Where they will do that is not yet decided. Read More…

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I lifted this from a wonderful eco website at: Green Living Online

Christie’s of London recently auctioned off one of Pete Townshend’s guitars for over $27,000. The money was donated to the U.S.A. based group Alliance for Sustainability to support their various ecological projects. Read More…

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Here is a beautiful statement by Deepak Chopra I just had to share:

“When there are enough people who have healed themselves, the environment will also mirror that.

I am not speaking of policy changes and adopting the Kyoto accord. Nature is a living expression of consciousness. It adapts to our evolution as we adapt to it. That relationship, as with everything in the tangled hierarchy, is reciprocal and interdependent.

It’s disturbing that so much of the New Age thought is centered on catastrophic earth changes, such as earthquakes and depleted ozone layer. This kind of prophetic negativity cannot attain a good end. It encourages the prophecy to come true when what we want to do is exactly the opposite.

The principle to keep in mind is that consciousness wants to evolve. Therefore it is much easier to encourage healing than to align yourself with disease. Love and respect for the environment would create a reversal of the spiraling deterioration in the physical world. We need to trust that this is true, because in a very real sense the environment is sustained by human awareness.

If you align your awareness with catastrophe, nature will factor those thoughts as your vote for the future. The peace movement can align itself with a healed planet, adding millions of votes to that side. And since our votes carry depth of awareness, they will be far stronger than any thoughtless vote for destruction.” — Deepak Chopra

And all I can say is, Thank You, Deepak. And to all of us, think POSITIVE and do THE RIGHT THING. Peace.

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