This is a very cool and fascinating item I found online. Scientists have discovered reef structures off the coast of Brazil’s Bahia state and these structures double the size of the Albrolhos Bank heretofor considered the largest and richest reef system in the Atlantic Ocean.

This reef structure is far more abundant in marine life than any other. Researchers from Conservation International (CI), Federal University of EspÃrito Santo and Federal University of Bahia announced their discovery in a paper presented today at the International Coral Reef Symposium in Fort Lauderdale.

This is an exciting find for those of us who care about the planet. It is also unusual to find a structure this large that also has so many fish. Previously, the Abrolhos Bank was considered one of the world’s most important reefs because of a high number of marine species found only in Brazil. This includes species of soft corals, mollusks and fish found only in the Abrolhos shelf.


I found this fascinating item online at Wildlife Extra. According to this article, the earth’s oceans are on the brink of collapsing, due to overfishing. As long ago as 2001, Jeremy Jackson, senior scientist emeritus of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, published a landmark paper named, “Historical Overfishing and the Recent Collapse of Coastal Ecosystems”.

In this paper, Mr. Jackson made the case that some environments which have long been considered unaffected and “pristine”, have, in fact, been radically altered by centuries of exploitation. Since this is again a very serious concern, due to the high volume of pollution and drastic species reduction due to overfishing, he has offered a current article on this matter. In this article, Mr. Jackson believes that the following steps, if taken by humans immediately, could reverse the speeding collapse of the ocean ecosystems.